Absolutely FREE Apple Gear!! iPods, iPhones, Apple TV, and more !!

So... Do you want a Free iPod? If you do, I suggest that you keep reading to learn a simple and easy way to get Free Apple Gear.

I'm going to be getting a Free iPod from Transcendent Innovations, Inc., which is a proven legit company that is giving away a Free iPods, Free iPhones, and more just for small amount of participation in their handbags By following the steps below you'll be on your way to having some the of most popular Apple Gear, which you can immediately start using or sell it on Ebay for Lots of Cash for Profit.

How can I know for sure that this is NOT a scam? How does it work?

Do you need more information? If so, feel free to post ANY questions you have in the comments section below, and I will answer them honestly and promptly. Or, alternatively, feel free to visit my info and proof site. Or chat with me on AIM using the link on the side. If you already know or seen someone getting freebies before, then continue reading on how you can get your Free iPhone, iPod, and more!

Easy and Simple Steps:


Sign up at using a valid e-mail. If you do not use a valid e-mail and other valid information that it requests. If you do not enter valid information, you will not get your Free iPod or Free iPhone that the company is required to send you.

You'll then have the option of selecting referral or points method. Most people find the referral method easier.

Is the information I am entering safe and secure?

Absolutely YES! This is from Transcendent Innovations, Inc.'s Privacy Policy:

"Transcendent Innovations will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone."

"Transcendent Innovations will never ask for Credit Card details and request that you do not enter it on any of the forms on when communicating with us."

"Transcendent Innovations has taken all reasonable steps to protect your personal information from unintended receipt."

Here's a few simple guidelines to follow to make sure you can get your Free Apple Gear:

-- Allow only one account per household per site. -- This means that only one person in your family is allowed to sign up on the site otherwise you will be disqualified.

-- Do NOT Sign up on the freebie site using "fake" information -- if you supply fake information, how can they send your Free Apple Gear?

-- Using a proxy to create multiple accounts on one site -- You will be disqualified for this.

-- Complete an "offer" only one time -- Complete an offer once and only once, even if it's for different site, you can still only do an offer once in your lifetime, or you'll be disqualified.

In point, if you try to "cheat" the system, the company will find out, and you will be disqualfied for the Free iPod, iPhone, or your other Free prize.

However, if you stick to the above guidelines, you'll make it much easier to recieve your Free Apple Gear.


Comeplete ONE advertiser's Trial Offer or Service.

Wait!! Don't stop reading! This is where most people stop and won't recieve their Free Apple Gear.

Read my info and proof site to learn why you must complete ONE offer to get your Free iPod or Free iPhone. Once you have read that, come back here and continue reading...

Once you log-in to your newly created account, there is an "Offers" tab at the top. Click it and you'll see a page with a listing of various advertiser's offers. You are free to choose whatever offer you want. There are several pages and you only have to complete ONE!!

Information you need to know about offers:

--Perhaps you have noticed while browsing through the offers that while there are a lot of them that are completely Free, but some do cost a little money (usually under $10 at most)

.--For the offer that you choose to do, make sure you know what you need to do to recieve credit for having completing the offer

.--Whenever you sign up for an offer, make sure you sign up with the same information that you signed up with the freebie site. This makes it even easier to get your credit for the Free Apple Gear.

Offers I've personally have had success with or reccommend: -- Completely FREE and even gives you $5 in free postage. Just requires to install the software and print the postage to recieve credit.

-- -- $9.99 for a month trial-- Recieve movies conveniently by Mail.

-- Increase My Margin -- Pay only for the shipping and handling, the software you get is Free!!

-- -- Requires you to buy $35 worth of ink. I figured everyone needs ink, so you might as well get some for cheap prices and get credit for an offer!!

--Zooba -- Register for their book club and Recieve credit instantly!!

There are many offers out there, just give one a try.

Tips for completing offers:

1. Check your Browsing Settings. Make sure that you have your settings to accept all cookies and turn off your Pop-Up Blocker. (After the offer is completed, don't forget to reset your settings!!)
2. Read all Terms and Conditions on the site. Make sure you understand how long the trial is and what their requirements are.
3. Keep track of the offers you do. You want to make sure that you do not complete the same offer twice. So write down all the information you can about the offer(including when you did it, customer support number and contact e-mail) and keep it some place that you won't forget it.
4. Keep any correspondence from the company. If you don't happen to recieve credit instantly (which does happen but rarely), then you'll have to file for Manual Credit and you'll need proof that you completed the offer.

Step 3:

Now that you've completed an offer, all that's left for you to get your Free iPhone or Free iPod is to get your Referrals.

Here are some suggestions to get your referrals:

1. Spread the word and get your friends and family to do the same thing. Just make sure they do it from a different house and a different computer. As long as it is on different networks, you should be fine. Be wary of completing offers at school, work, dorm, or same house as this can get you disqualified for having the same ip address.

2. Visit forums often? The freebie website gives you a free picture to put in your signature. Check you "My Account" Tab. Just make sure that it is allowed by the forum site. Also if they don't consider it spam, post your link on the forum and tell people about it.
----Never Spam your link. The Freebie community looks down upon this and if they find that you are spamming, your account will be place on hold, and you won't receive your Free Apple Gear ----

3. Post your link on your own website.

4. Anyway you can think of...

--- You can do anything you want to get your referrals, as long as you don't spam. Be creative, think of things you can do to attract people to sign up under you. Give them rewards or incentive to sign up under you. ---

The most important thing you can do is to share the information I have given you with them. Make sure they understand how the system works. Show them it is not a scam by taking them to my info and proof site. After all, who wouldn't want a Free iPod or Free iPhone?

Step 4:

Enjoy your New Free iPod, Free iPhone, or Free Apple Gear.

That's right, once you collect your required referrals, you are finished. You have to submit your account for approval, where the company checks for fraud. If you did the site legitimately, you have nothing to worry about. Once approved, place your order, and within no time your Apple Gear will arrive at your doorstep for FREE!!


Feel Free to ask any questions and/or voice any concern. I'm here to help you on your way to getting your Free iPhone or iPod. Be sure to check out my other sites, to see how other things for free. The links can be found on the side.

Thanks and have a wonderful Freebie Day!!

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